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Hello, Thank you for calling Plug’R’Us.

If you are receiving this message you or someone you know may have subscribed to services provided by Plugs’R’Us. We have permanently deactivated all accounts, as we have found that services provided appeared to result in increased laziness, false hope, temporary relief, as well as social, emotional, and physical disorders amongst subscribers.

Additionally, the power needed to sustain our network force field will also lead to a depletion of our plug’s power source; therefore, we kindly suggest that all clients and their affiliates rely on their kinetic energy, molecular design, prerogative, & passion to be their own plug.

Please take care & may the force be within you. Goodbye.


p.s., i’m lactose intolerant but i really like greek yogurt. i usually eat yogurt because it’s painless dairy, but i just tested that theory and it’s not painless anymore.

might get the munchies and eat all the yogurt
used to get high in my grandma’s toyota
i was so reckless and ratchet – i know it
pushing the limits is always a motive
thats how i keep going & going & going
attention span slowing, stimuli more potent
a fountain of youth that somehow’s all-knowing
master of my makebelieve, santigold told me
nobody will ever see things exactly as me,
all of time, this beauty is mine
these eyes mirror my vision
these thoughts mirror my subconscious
these actions mirror my confidence
this energy mirrors my existence
this strength mirrors my persistence
its thursday, 1:34AM on july 6
weekday friends live overseas
weekend friends live in shibuya
thank god its thursday, right?



In the years to come, the racial connotation of the word “nigga” will be a thing of the past. The “cool” kids are already doing it.