400 days in Japan: a really corny freestyle based on true events


400 days my guy. How sway? Time sways and flies. I think about the what and why. Thoughts that used to occupy my mind have been pushed to back. I’m cooking meals for the week. I’m listening more than I speak.

I recycle my energy. It’s still real if it’s used. I got shit to do. I got shit to lose. Not every exchange requires fresh bills. I use my loose change and I can still afford to be on one accord with most humans.

It’s cool. It’s safe living in this new place. People smoke cigarettes indoors. It’s not my kinda hot box. Please no more quoting Raindrops, Droptops. I keep buying new socks. My new found love for Gudetama. My cousin Nina said every mama needs a papa.

I’ve been rocking solo dolo. No action or potential. Of course a man would be nice but he gotta match my tempo. My spirit is a sumo. You’d be blessed if you can sense it. I’m pettier these days so don’t come at me pretentious or even a bit reckless.

I’ve met some amazing people and they’re doing rad tingz. I’m excited for them all and the success that life will bring. It’s all been a pleasure, I’ve had moments to warm the heart. I’m enjoying living in Tokyo. I’m off to a great start.

Shorty started doing events and saving a bit of money. No more overdrafting. People on the train still be looking at me funny. I don’t really give a damn. I’ll still dance in public. My joy cannot be contained and I think nothing of it.

I still haven’t found my bandmates but I know that’s on the way. The turn up level is real as fuck so believe me when I say. All those gigs you might’ve seen me do around the city, have barely scratched the surface of what I’ll do when shit is jiggy.

Right now I’m sitting here in Fuglen cafe thinking about the time – future, past, present and all the ways that I will shine.


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