April 26, 2016 ~

We have arrived here before. Our cargo, our baggage is identical to what it was the time before and the time before that and so on and so forth. We harbored and carried these exact same details. I suppose we thought that because we haven’t touched these belongings in a while that the dust could mask their presence. That we would have lost weight and that these things would not fit us anymore.

The last time we met in this place, we became belligerent and argumentative. Dismissive. We dismissed each other. We didn’t want to be here. It would’ve been wise to make light. It would’ve been wise to terminate the cycle of disappointment and revising the itinerary and analyzing the directions we took to meet this place again. Instead, we both shut down. We both abandoned each other and gave up because our retreat ended and something happened that we didn’t want to happen.

I don’t want to miss another opportunity with you. We could raise our value. We could determine our quality. It’s all perception. I love you too much to grow cold and let our misunderstandings linger and recycle to be recreated & resurface as the same exact overworn goods。

Let’s be anew.


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