kendrick lamar

i still cringe at having to explain why my skin is brown and my passport is american. i don’t want to explain. i know they don’t mean any harm. i know they don’t understand how irrelevant this question is to me & how it feels like a waste of my energy. maybe it’s not a waste of my time, as i might be debunking some myths.


yet, please don’t give me the ridiculous responsibilty of representing an entire group of people. within this group, there are so many kinds of people, to the point that grouping them all together and making generalizations is an old age practice that was never fitting.
i say, I EXIST and not “WE EXIST” because i can not assume the responsibilty of being the “token black chick”. i somehow don’t have a choice because of society. this pisses me off that certain institutions have made this so. institutions have made it so that certain groups of people are underrepresented and misrepresented. it angers me. yet, i have been told that i should be honored. i have been told that i should be honored to have this opportunity to be here and represent for [black] americans. i am not easily offended, yet, i am repulsed that these misconceptions are present. i am doing what the fuck i want to do. it is insulting to think that what i’m doing is not a thing for [black] americans to do. it is insulting that my lifestyle is questionable.


i live be free. i live to not have to bear the weight of having to represent an entire group of people. i live to feel comfortable enough to be myself without having to consider if i am perpetuating stereotypes. i live to be myself — nothing else matters.
my nationality is american. thats all that matters on my visa application.
{{fuck your ethnicity ~~ thank you kendrick lamar}}


language is culture

be patient but never wait. being patient means that you don’t have the ability to get anxious. you are collected. you control your own perception of time. you control the presence of agitation. if you are waiting, you are only delaying yourself or being eagerly impatient.

i’m truly getting lived knowledge, which is transforming into wisdom, on the relevance of the difference of the two and what that vital discrepancy means //

one is fear and the other is love +++