some have 20/20; some rely on other senses; some live in distortion; some just don’t give a damn, at all. 



parental advisory

God told me that he loves me. 

He showed me mars within a man,

who was once venus as a boy

but did not cultivate his land.

God told me that he loves me. 

He let me see the darkest side.

For years, my light was dimmed

and I was jaded, now i’m alive.

God told me that she loves me.

She said nostaglia’s not becoming 

and that I should never relish in it

as aesthetics can be cunning.

God told me that she loves me. 

She said I shouldn’t see you

and that when I’m in your presence

I could get lost and then I’ll be you.

nursery rhymes 

He told me he was lonely too. 

He told me his heart was torn in two. 

He told me that he lost his crew 

and that happy days are far & few.

His aurora was hypnotic

His mood was dark. 

Our chemistry ignited sparks. 

My eyes were filled with painful lust. 

Equilibrium is a must. 

I fought a battle of temptation. 

Gave in mildly, sought salvation. 

Climbing high to reach new heights. 

Spiritually, not out of spite. 

Reinventing minimizing 

in a world that will despise it. 

Mother Nature needs me strong 

since to the universe I belong. 

I’ll cry, purge and smile whilst 

I leave behind my dark abyss. 

Experimental thrills are done.

My godliness is number one.