kilos with no address


somewhere on the road

herbivores dominate 

I layeth besides the green pastures

my cup runneth over 

slow down

look at god

unbothered land

unfiltered water

what is purity —

what is as it always was

what is as it has become conditioned to be 



moments before
I ended 24
I held my breath
whilst cruising through
the 3rd street tunnel
LA rituals
I have tunnel vision
I’ll hold my breath
to keep from drowning
in distractions



half an hour left to the day
I fought tears half the day
I’m a quarter century today
with a quarter left on my metro card
timeline posts read “happy birthday”
I lied to everyone today.
I’m not happy at all.
I’ll end this day in peace with myself
I’ll make this day special to me
by embracing my emotions
despite how they may seem
just because I’m crying
doesn’t mean I’m blind
I’m alive but there’s pain inside
I can’t believe I’m fucking 25.


mercury rising

all these fucking palm trees
you don’t belong here
cacti are more appropriate
it hurts but I love you anyway
you just want to bask in the sun
you get sick when it rains
can’t come out for days
it’s a blizzard somewhere
you’re spoiled
it’s hard to appreciate beauty
when it doesn’t feel real
make love while you can
bottle caps
night caps
texting in caps
domesticated cabs
dating apps
google maps
nothing here is within reach
especially not
the tops of these fake palm trees
show me how much you love me
before I



why are so many people so obnoxiously socially awkward? it’s quite comical. I’m on the train, trying to get lost in some new reads that a new friend got me as an early birthday gift, while this guy conducts himself like a hoodrat, vomiting nonsensical tunes out of his mouth in hellacious harmonies. good morning to you too, Los Angeles.

I just finished getting a haircut. oh, but not just an ordinary haircut. this one was done on a Sunday at 9am, for $20 by a Mexican migrant, with a strong dislike for his hometown. I woke up this morning at my friend’s house whose company I enjoy, as well as his taste in literature as I hope to learn more once this dude shuts the fuck up. anyway, I’ve only been awake for 2 hours and it’s already been an eventful day.

I’m thankful for that. although things might not ever be ideal, as I’m ambitious as hell, with high expectations for myself because I know that I’m capable of so much more and determined to learn my own strengths; despite that, I can say that my life is an adventure. my 44 days in California have been an adventure. I’m staying on my cousins couch in Inglewood with less than $500 to my name, working 2 part-time jobs with mediocre wages, questioning my safety on public transportation, meeting weirdos and unicorns, and trying to figure out all the detailed steps it takes to get what I desire in life.

hope I’m not being redundant. this topic is pop. hella pop. it gets stuck in my head and I find myself replaying it over and over again. sometimes I don’t even want to listen to it, but somehow it’s universal. it’s one of those things that connects us all as people — no matter your income, your race, your ethnicity, your social status. we all stop for a second to analyze what more we want out of life.

so I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things, the struggles, the weirdos, the unicorns, the shitty jobs, the shitty pay, the awkward times, the obnoxious fuckers on the train, and all the other in between that occupy my time while I’m living and somehow being distracted from my desires, while working towards satisfying them. appreciate them because they are essentially a part of you. it’s a part of your life experience. we move on from these situations and drift on to new ones and possibly have the same analysis and desire to want more or push yourself further. I just advise to never overlook or take anything for granted.

there’s no guarantee that these unicorns, weirdos, challenges, shortcomings, and such will grace your presence again in the same face they presented themselves. why not try to smile in the face of it while you can and use it all as an opportunity for personal growth and reflection.

I’m just trying to make the best out of it, and I’m thankful that my stop is next, so the passenger with the vocal vomit can stay right on the train, possibly never to be heard again.

living in the moment, yet, also looking forward to the future