open letter

Dear Universe,

Take them out of their misery because their lives are full of pain and the feeling is far from numbness. The darkness consumes their days, so they have adjusted their senses. Paranoia is on the rise and their eyes make shadows of everything. To them, everything is predatory. Everything is haunting and the faint light that they bear witness to is all in their imagination – simply a reflection of what they fear but they cling to it self-deceivingly for comfort and peace of mind, trying to find solace in its bitter nonexistence. Complacency is the norm. They create new truths and a new species inside themselves as a sick form of evolution. This species teaches itself to be a victim. They regenerate monsters and demons out of their past. They befriend them because they think this is all they have and that faint light that they cling to illuminates their world and becomes their justification. This light is false hope. It becomes dimmer and dimmer as their vision becomes weakened and content with its absence. They create a new form of rationalization. This involves denying their minds of any elevation or enlightenment. This too would be too painful, as they have trained themselves to adjust to the darkness. A brighter truth would be too blinding. Is it not sympathetic to wonder, why are they still here?



I think there was a time
When I was blind
But how would I know
My eyes were open
My mind was open
I think there was a time
When I couldn’t feel
But how would I know
I had my skin and limbs
To feel the touch, the pain
But I was numb
I think there was a time
When I had no nerves and no reaction
But how would I know
I had attraction
How would I know
I had eyes that watered
I think there was a time
When I was sick
But how would I know
I had no doctor to tell me so
No pills from diagnosis
And then there came the time
When I would see too deeply
And feel too intensely
And think too critically
And cry too often
And medicate myself
And now here is a time
When I know what it means to be human.

good morning


I’m going to get a little emo for a second but I’m human and we’re supposed to do that. Haha it’s because the sky shared a smile with me this morning and it was really beautiful. Rare and unexpected moments like these are easily forgotten but that’s okay. It was meaningful in the moment and that’s it’s purpose.