i opened a new window…


and this is what I found. There’s a first time for everything 🙂



The past few weeks have been righteously wonderful. Our band had three kickass shows. The most recent one was at a local bar & diner owned by a guy from Wisconsin. We performed at his anniversary event with a plethora of other bands. I don’t think I’ve ever spazzed like that at another show. The bar was packed. A friend & supporter of the band who is a cartoonist came out again to see us. This time he brought his easel, a canvas, and paint. Yes. Our performance inspired some live artwork. Other bands might have been a bit jellyyyy. Hahah. So yea, that happened. We’ve also had a videographer at our past 3 shows to get live footage for our music video. Next, we’re going to get footage of us being the wild spirits that we are out and about in the Bangkok streets. It should be hot. Literally. Anddddd, to add the icing to this unexpected homemade, gourmet quality cake, we went to the studio last weekend and got an official single recorded, plus a B side. Sweet. We’re waiting for the video to release it to the world wide web. Not that we have fans anticipating the release, but for the thrill of possible amazement, we think it’s best to deliver it as a package. We’ll stay mysterious for a while in the meantime. Coincidentally, we don’t have any shows for a while, so we’ll just naturally disappear from the radar until the video/audio is released. Yea, you can feel my anticipation building. I’m geeked to have a product of my expression. 

Speaking of expression, I’ve decided that I want to pursue music more full-time. I always knew it was something that I loved, but it felt like a cliche pursuit. Especially, coming from Atlanta, where all the homies from around the way have ambitions of being rappers, singers, or running down other avenues of the entertainment industry, speaking of wanting to be a musician feels unrealistic and damn near corny. Now, that I’ve been shown my own potential and how hard I’ve been willing to go for what is merely a hobby, I’ve found a desire to pursue it more actively — not necessarily seeking capital, just simply for the sake of expression. I love to write. I love to perform. I love to dance. I love to make people dance. I love music but after hearing other people’s opinions after seeing us perform, I doubt it’ll be hard to sustain a comfortable lifestyle with my talents and abilities. And I can’t believe I just typed that shit. Hahaa. Oh my. What am I becoming…? Its like the universe is just laying out the red carpet for me to pursue this dream that I secretly had buried in a treasure chest. Thailand brought the treasure chest to the shore and day by day, something happens to shed more light on the dream that seems like it will soon be a reality. I have everything going for me and the only thing that can stop me are my occasional cynical thoughts. Oh liberation…

“…I have the choice to be who I want to be. It’s left over to me and my mama dem told mehhhh…”


I finished up with this class yesterday. They all passed and move on to the next level in the program. New teacher for them. We had a little party as I do with all my classes on the last day. They know I love sushi so they went all out with salmon sashimi 🙂 The flowers I’m holding are a gift from them. I found out that these flowers are what they give to the Buddha statues at the temple, so that means they are quite fond of me & respect me highly. Out of all the admirable things that’s happened to me since being in thailand, this has been the ultimate compliment.