stepping stones

I don’t know why this happens to me but it does so frequently and I guess I have to accept it. I get bored so quickly. Since elementary school. Whether its school, a hobby, a place, a relationship. I just move at this pace that naturally causes me to outgrow things. My grandma insists that its because I’m an Aquarius and I’m a visionary who’s ahead of my time. Flattering but frustrating. It only took me about 2 months of being in Bangkok for me to start doing research on where to move after Thailand. Even now, with the band. which is pretty cool actually. I’m in a band in Thailand. I didn’t exactly forecast this. Its fun, but we’re a “heavy rock band” (whatever that means) and after 3 live shows in 1 week, I’m already getting bored with it. We had our first practice the other day since performing live, so we tried to come up with a few new songs & change up our set list a bit. All of our stuff is starting to sound the same to me. I want us to be more than just a heavy rock band but we’ve kind of prescribed a certain aesthetic. I don’t expect them to just start playing synths or something like that. Haha. Of course, no band looks like us. No band sounds like us. Plus, I love my lyrics. The 9 songs we’ve composed together are dope, but I want to try other “genres”. Plus the rendition of singing aka yelling that I have to do to be heard is a bit taxing on my vocal chords. I just want to slow it down a bit. I like so many styles of music and I’m beginning to think that maybe I’m already ready for another musical experiment. Maybe funk, electronic, jazz, alternative rock. Whatever all that means. I just don’t want to be bound by labels. I’ve met a few people at our shows, who really like what I do and even asked for an a cappella performance so they could heard the lyrics. They were impressed. I’m going to stay on my grind of course and see where this takes me…

Everything leads to something. Obviously.


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