trippy thoughts

People in Thailand think in Thai — and they dream in Thai, too. I’m kinda bummed that I’ve never had a dream in Spanish. Dream gods, please take me to that special place! I wanna dream in another language.

And the animals… if they are trained, they understand more Thai than I do.

In Thailand, its the year 2556 because Buddha is older than Jesus. Lol. (and Thailand is older than America)

My homegirl’s birthday is over where I am, but where she is, it’s still her birthday. Time itself isn’t exactly timeless.

But no matter the time zone, seconds never change. They’re universal.

And smiles and tears are universal too. Everyone knows what they mean. No exceptions. They’re the first forms of communication. Nobody teaches us that.

There is occupied land that doesn’t have a sewage system or paved roads, but there is indeed high speed internet.

I can call my grandma’s land-line from my laptop from anywhere in the world — for FREE. Wait, whaaaat? I remember back in ’96; my uncle could only afford to send postcards from Sweden.


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