its a small world, after all.

I went out last night. It was an interesting night. I needed to get out after 5 hours of teaching consecutively. By the way, I enjoy my time in the classroom, but lesson planning has officially been dubbed one of my least favorite things to do. Anyway, I do enjoy staying home. All I need is some cashews, bottled water, and internet and I’m moderately satisfied to some extent. I’ve noticed that I have this slight nerve twitch going on in my left eye, which my neighbor gets from time to time. He said its from too much computer time. go figure. So last night, I was definitely trying to give my eyes a well deserved break.

I met some co-workers at an American pub in town. Cool little diner that serves deliciously fattening American food. Cheeseburgers, melts, dogs, wings — classic American bar food. My band (can’t believe I’m saying this) will be playing there soon, which I’m very pleased to announce. It’s still very much an announcement to myself. Networking with the owner is always helpful. Plus the synergy within our band is amazing, so we’re bound to play live. We’ve only had rehearsal 3x and we already have 5 original songs and 4 covers that we could perform flawlessly.

Anyway, it was “open mic” night at this pub, which is properly named, Fatty’s. Open mic aka karaoke. Abena, the young lady, who has been in a few pictures, was also in attendance. She is now the dancing and karaoke queen. That woman is unstoppable. She’s 32 and can stay out longer than anyone I’ve ever met. She’ll be on the dance floor until the lights come on. I was out with her until 3am last night. That was a stretch for me, especially since I only left the house to give my eye a break from the computer. Ha.

After Fatty’s we went to this bar that had a huge flatscreen playing old VH1 classic music videos. Abena was in heaven. I was trying to find a 2nd wind, but just as I embraced the fact that I was tapped out, the nightly monsoon struck. I laughed at myself for not being able to discern earlier that it was time to bounce.

As I was walking back to the seat that my arse was familiar with, the guy who I had noticed creeping at me from the corner of the room stops me and insists that I sit next to him. Had I been back home and this happened, I would have politely declined, already knowing his type and his motive. Since moving to a foreign country, my guard isn’t up that high anymore. I sit down and run through the typical convo between non-Thai people. “Where are you from? How long have you been in Thailand? What do you do? How long are you planning on staying here? blahh, blahh, blahh…”

The synopsis : He’s an architect from South Africa with an Indian heritage. He told me that he thought my hair was sexy; asked if I was Eddie Murphy’s sister; asked if I spoke “Africanus” after I said I was from America; said I shouldn’t go home but go to his place because its closer; I tried to discuss something more substantial like his architecture & he said he designs water fountains; continued to lust after my hair; rambled on about how a girl at that bar wanted to go home with him but he thought she was fat and ugly; kept trying to give me high fives after I told him he was being ridiculous; continuously repeated how cool I am, even after I reminded him that he does not know me…at all, which he then proclaimed that his master’s degree in psychology entitled him to know certain details about me —  Thank Goodness I had a window seat, so I could spot an opportunity and any cabs approaching. He felt he had earned grounds to establish a friendship. HA! With all due respect, he was lucky to have even gotten my attention. I laughed the cab ride home…and woke up laughing today.

Go with your gut. Clowns are everywhere.


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