the good and the not so good…because its even better.

I’m blessed beyond my own comprehension. I’m amazed by what I did to deserve this wonderful treatment. I’ve definitely been tasting the rainbow lately. Even when I think for a second that things might be a bit sour, its really just sweeter than the norm.

First off, my boss — whom I believed to a super cool dude that would give me sound advice and unconditional support. Bleh. No need to expose the unsettling things that were said to me over the past 3 weeks by my boss/mentor. Reminds me of a rule from the “48 Laws of Power” — Never outshine the Master. Not to say I’m better at teaching than my boss, but I’m sure I might not be making him feel comfortably superior. Overall, I was very INCORRECT in my presumptions. Have no fear though! The Captain came through once again and saved his loyal sailor. The details of that exchange are sensitive. I’ll just say that I’m moving on to a more suitable teaching and living environment. I’ll have an apartment with a refrigerator, flat screen TV, and an actual bedroom! Adios to the studio days.

Also, I’ve joined a band. Needless to say, I’m excited about this also. I was being a creep on the internet and found a few postings. The first one I thought was THE ONE. “Hip-Hop Vocalist Needed”. Uhhh, hello. That’s right up my alley. Ha! Guess again. I should’ve known that hip-hop is like happiness — different people, different meanings. Apparently strip-club hits are hip-hop now. I knew they were considered Top 40s in Atlanta, but I thought Thailand might embrace a more conscientious definition. This guy really wanted to compromise my beliefs. He said “just pretend you’re an actress. It’s just a song.” Just a song? Maybe I’m an extremist but to me, everything has meaning. I just couldn’t see myself selling sex and singing words as though I truly regard myself as such. I came to Thailand to do something I’ve never done, not do something that isn’t true to who I am. It was a tough call to bow out of that one, since the pay for cover bands is excellent… but the Captain came through yet again and steered the ship in a better direction. I came across a second band, whose style is similar to heavy rock but they’re very versatile.  Most importantly, I get to write. Thank heavens. Writing will always be my passion. It was the first medium to reveal my vivid imagination. I remember being 5 years old making up intricate stories. Some of which were true, Biblical stories (that revealed another gift though).

And last but not least — my friend visited me over the weekend. How cool is that. I had a visitor from home. Someone who knew me before this new chapter of my life. Someone who went to my high school. That is so rare. She’ll probably be the only visitor I have for a while. Haha. Either way, I’m grateful to have people in my life who are willing and able to make sacrifices for me. Hopefully more of my loved ones can do the same. Not only to bless me, but to be blessed. Travel in your mind at least. It’ll manifest one day… Here I am. And I can assure you that dormancy is the anti-Christ. Don’t let your mind get stuck — Get better.


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