i should’ve taken a picture

I’m sure not many people would jump at the opportunity to teach simultaneous English classes for 2.5 hours. But if the students were awesome as the ones I just finished teaching, you might reconsider your day job. Its funny because just this weekend I had to constantly reassure myself that this teaching thing is a wise decision. Seriously. Making a lesson plan is no joke. Plus, I’m such a beginner…with a seasoned spirit though 😉 Its a very intricate process and a decent amount of pressure is involved. My students are paying to learn English in their spare time. They definitely want results. They are eager to learn and they go the extra mile.  For the majority of them, they associate their acquisition of the English language as their key to success and wealth. For some of them, their families are depending on them to upgrade everyone’s life. I can’t even begin to explain how beautiful their spirits are. During the 10 minute break in each class, I scurried to the teacher’s lounge overwhelmed with joy and partial disbelief. I was curious to know if the other teachers were experiencing the same breath of fresh of air. It was the norm. Occasionally, a class might be a bit reserved but overall these students are dedicated and hardworking. And most importantly, professors are regarded like “gods” here. I can ask my students to fetch some refrigerated ostrich milk and they would try damn hard to do so (as long as they understood the language).

So, I’m teaching a level 3 and a level 6 class. In level 3, we focused on foods, unhealthy/unhealthy, categories of food, some/any, I like/don’t like, he/she likes/doesn’t like…etc. They sucked it up with a straw and licked the sides. Learning is like a treat to them. They love it. A student even approached me after class for further clarification. In my level 6 class, we focused on furniture, there is/are, some/any, prepositions. Another success story. The sky is the limit for them as students and for me, as a “professor”. I say professor because I’m teaching at an university. The students must take a placement test to determine their level (1-15) and they must be at least 15. My youngest student is 16 and the majority of them are older than me. They’re all energetic though. From youngest to oldest.

Today just reiterated to me that all those nights with insomnia when I was restless — trying to decide what to do with my life, what is my purpose specifically, where do I fit in, trying to find a plan that felt BIG enough or real enough… something challenging and out of my comfort zone but still very much a reflection of who I am designed to be — weren’t in vain. I can’t say that I’ll be a teacher for the rest of my days. I can’t even say I’ll teach longer than 1 year. There are some other jobs that interest me, but this right here… is right on time.


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