’tis a sad life to have gained status with no purpose

I attended an InterNations event last night and I was so unenthused. A plush hotel ballroom filled with professionals from all over the world and the majority of them didn’t have a clue. With all their experience, they weren’t inspiring in the least. So what — they can afford bottles of champagne and I’m snacking on complimentary peanuts… for now. I don’t know if this is a cultural thing, but I’m beginning to generalize that most Western adults are the most boring people on the planet. Most specifically, professional adults. It’s almost as if being wack (coughs) or a professional has become so integrated into who they’ve become that they no longer know how to be youthful and exciting. Does being a professional mean that you must lack passion? These are merely opinions that have developed over the years and I’m now starting to settle in on my own conclusion. I can say that I know of some people who are successful, professional, and still very much passionate — minorities. How are young people supposed to embrace maturity and professionalism if it’s associated with being… lame? 

And they wonder why the drug culture is so popular. They wonder why the urban kids scream “YOLO”, which such an ignorant context but to them that life is exciting. That might seem like a bit of a tangent, as I definitely do not support that culture. Its just important for everyone to realize that their actions are related to other people. Yes, that might seem like an overwhelming amount of responsibility but who said life was supposed easy? I realize that I’m not here in Bangkok solely for myself. As cliche as that might sound, that statement comes from the heart. I know that me being here means something to many more people than just myself. Maybe I’m cocky. Maybe I’m humble but how can you expect the kids to be motivated by factors other than fame and glorification of power, when so many professionals lack pizzazz. I’ll be objective and say that there is some indirect inspiration to take heed to with these wack individuals though : 

How to get rich and let your sense of passion & innovation die trying… too harsh?


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