adversity anonymous admission

I am completing the 12 step program. My addiction to overcoming adversity. Seriously, I have always been the one to embrace a challenge or choose the more difficult route versus the obviously less challenging one. During my childhood, this addiction was expressed in many different ways. Some might have deemed my “escapades” as foolish. I can admit at the time, I could only explain my ventures as spurts of curiosity and rebellion. As my Grandma used to say (as her father told her — a very common Caribbean saying), “a hard head makes for a soft behind”. Ironically so, I did become more sensitive through learning through experience. This sensitivity gave me wisdom though. Wisdom that I could not articulate through simply modeling what other people intended for my life. This lived wisdom opens a third eye. It allows me to see things in so many different ways. It allows me to speak with eloquence and charisma. It has allowed me to connect with people unintentionally. It has also given me a more enlightened judgement on which battles to choose. This obsession with adversity has also led me to Bangkok. I could have very easily taken a job in somebody’s company or non-profit. I could’ve taken so many other paths. Hell, I even signed a pre-contract to join the army. Of course, that would have been a challenge risking my life for the sake of paying off student loans. That among other many reasons explains why I digressed on that decision. But now, I am admiring my ability to embrace a challenge; I am falling more in love with my character & spirit. I had the option of choosing between two very notable schools in Bangkok. One is an international school, where I would have a salary higher than more teachers in the US. I would’ve been teaching adorable little kindergartners or 1st graders, which is right in tune with my experience. Working 5 days a week, weekends off. A regular teacher’s schedule. The other opportunity offered a lower but very decent salary and the language level I’d be teaching is difficult enough to say that I might as well enroll in a Master’s degree program. University level students who have to take tests before they are admitted into the next level in the program. 1 day off a week. Evening working hours. Time consuming to say the least & probably not the most appealing schedule for an American girl trying to live it up Travel Network style. I’m no tourist and with all that “learning the hard way”, I have grown so accustomed to taking the road less traveled. So here I am in Bangkok, up to my knees in materials to be studied, wondering why some people settle for basic lives. Sure, it might seem attractive and safe but the fruits of labor are so much more beautiful.


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