I’ve been so busy building upon this miraculous relationship I’m establishing with Bangkok that I don’t have any pictures… just experiences. If I had to create my ideal place to live, BKK is definitely something like it. ( its just missing my favorite people ) I’m just going to touch on the public transportation for a moment.

The transit system is more thoughtful than any other city in America. I haven’t been to every American city, of course, but I’ve been to NY and I REALLY LOVE New York… BKK is giving NY a run for its money. Literally. Here, there is a sky-train and a subway system, both of which are dirt cheap. The fare is contingent upon how far you’re going. The most I’ve paid is 52B (not even $2 for a one way fare). Also, the buses here cost no more than 20B. They even have some buses that are free. The more expensive buses have air-conditioning, while the buses with open windows/doors are only 8B (about a quarter). Each street will have at least 3 bus routes and they run quite frequently. I have to flag them down though, which I enjoy because it saves time. I’m sure there will be a time when the bus driver will miss me, but there’s so much traffic that I can chase him down & jump on the bus (open door policy). Although the sky-train & subway can avoid traffic, lately I’ve been preferring the scenic bus route — mainly because its the most cost efficient way of travel. Even taxis are very inexpensive & sometimes more cost efficient than the sky-train. They don’t charge per person. There’s no minimum fee. No funny business. Plus, they drive aggressively and get you to where you need to be without breaking a sweat. They always have the A/C on full blast. I’m the type to hop in a taxi and sit in the front seat so I can be closer to the vent. Maybe an invasion of personal space, but I take my chances.

There’s so many things to love about BKK…


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