baby monks


Every time I see the monks in the city, I get an overwhelming sense of humility and gratefulness. But these right here… These are baby monks. They’re already dedicated & found their calling at a young age. A life of living off the land. Nomadic. No possessions other than the cloth they modestly wear around their body. Essentially, they’re like a Buddhist version of a pastor/preacher/bishop or whatever, EXCEPT they don’t own a rolex, have their own street named after them, 5 car garage, mansion…etc. Even more admirable because they just don’t live like this because they’re in a developing country. There’s plenty of range rovers and beemers in Cambodia.

The monks are just about THAT life — beautiful.

Everyday I find myself becoming more like them in a sense. Just more content. More at peace. Its the American society that tried to culture me to over-concern myself with the future — how ig’nant and unfaithful. Truthfully, that leads to a life of self destruction, fear, and possessiveness. I had to learn that from experience though.


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