I’ve been so busy building upon this miraculous relationship I’m establishing with Bangkok that I don’t have any pictures… just experiences. If I had to create my ideal place to live, BKK is definitely something like it. ( its just missing my favorite people ) I’m just going to touch on the public transportation for a moment.

The transit system is more thoughtful than any other city in America. I haven’t been to every American city, of course, but I’ve been to NY and I REALLY LOVE New York… BKK is giving NY a run for its money. Literally. Here, there is a sky-train and a subway system, both of which are dirt cheap. The fare is contingent upon how far you’re going. The most I’ve paid is 52B (not even $2 for a one way fare). Also, the buses here cost no more than 20B. They even have some buses that are free. The more expensive buses have air-conditioning, while the buses with open windows/doors are only 8B (about a quarter). Each street will have at least 3 bus routes and they run quite frequently. I have to flag them down though, which I enjoy because it saves time. I’m sure there will be a time when the bus driver will miss me, but there’s so much traffic that I can chase him down & jump on the bus (open door policy). Although the sky-train & subway can avoid traffic, lately I’ve been preferring the scenic bus route — mainly because its the most cost efficient way of travel. Even taxis are very inexpensive & sometimes more cost efficient than the sky-train. They don’t charge per person. There’s no minimum fee. No funny business. Plus, they drive aggressively and get you to where you need to be without breaking a sweat. They always have the A/C on full blast. I’m the type to hop in a taxi and sit in the front seat so I can be closer to the vent. Maybe an invasion of personal space, but I take my chances.

There’s so many things to love about BKK…

are you ready, kids?


This is the class that I’ve been teaching for the past 2 weeks. No whiteboard. No desks. No decoratives dangling from the ceiling. No posters on the wall. No artwork of the students on display. Of course, no air-conditioning.

This definitely is not what comes to mind when you imagine a kindergarten classroom, but these amazing children have exceeded my expectations.

They are so attentive! I could not say a word for 30 seconds and they would still be looking at me with their wide, shining eyes without losing focus & running off doing somersaults. They are also so respectful and well-mannered. They even blow us kisses when we leave for the day 🙂

I was a bit nervous to move to Bangkok this weekend and sign a year teaching contract. I was unsure that I would be willing to commit my time for such a long period of time, especially with so many unknowns. After this experience with the students at Korpai, I know there’s not many other things in this world that would bring me this much joy. Waking up everyday to a classroom of beautiful minds and adorable faces is such a blessing. Showing them that they are brilliant and are capable of anything they set their hearts on is a gift to me, and I’m sure it will be even more to them.

I’m ready to show some Bangkok babies how to thrive.

I have a feeling that this elephant isn’t as old as he looks. All those horrible memories at the zoo are probably draining the life out of him. His nose probably needs a nice massage too. (The massages in Cambodia & Thailand are incredible; an hour for $5.)

I was sure to give him a nice little head rub, while he strolled around with me in tow on his back. Elephants are ginger, and this one was unbelievably hairy.

Another one of the elephants was branded with a star tattoo tramp stamp. I don’t know who thought that was funny — maybe I did, just a little bit. The elephant show wasn’t nearly as pathetic as the tiger show though. They really looked miserable & some of them refused to perform the tricks and stunts…

The power of the pussy prevails, yet again.