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  1. In a very, broad context: The khmer rouge were weak minded. They were fearful but that’s not the problem. Fear is a natural emotion. We’re all human but its how you respond to fear that determines your character. I’m sure they felt threatened by having such a diverse population in Cambodia : doctors, scholars, Thais, Chinese…etc. “Oh shhh— , all these educated people and folks with foreign cultural views might not assimilate well. They might start a revolution! Let’s kill ’em.” They feared what they couldn’t change or control. Although I am not seeking to justify the matter, I’m sure they thought this was the logical thing to do at the time. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have continued the genocide for decades. The fact that they didn’t get persecuted until 2007 or so was ridiculous.

    Another sick story to reflect on… Remember how they did Jesus though? Humans can be so futile.

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