the killing fields

This temple houses the skulls of the people who were executed during the Cambodian genocide back in the ’70s. Basically the same story we’ve heard over and over again…

Man thinks he knows what’s best for a society. Sees mass murder and assimilation as the answer. Death to those who don’t comply — sounds very familiar.

I think this is why the Cambodian people are so welcoming of other cultures. They’ve conquered so much as a society and they want to re-identify themselves as a peaceful, loving nation that upholds the traditional Buddhist beliefs.

point of view

Pleasure to meet you Phnom Penh.

My bedroom is on the top floor. The wi-fi connection is damn near nonexistence up here, but I guess to be on top, you must learn how to adjust, make more with less, and be cool with being enough for yourself.

It was rough for a few hours though. I stepped off the plane and thought “What the hell. Everyone is staring at me.” Thank God for my Grandma. When I reached out to her in a state of confusion and needed reassurance, she simply replied “Why wouldn’t they want stare at you?” Its all in perspective and I am adjusting to an invincible mindset.