Written January 2016

My dad didn’t know how to do my hair and he liked to dress me in neutral tones. He also preferred to buy my clothes a size or two too big. He made me learn how to play chess and tennis. He enforced thinking strategically and perfection. He wanted me to skip middle school and go straight to university because I tested on university levels in elementary school.

He wanted me to be the best.

He was usually absent & usually abusive.

I feared him, yet I can’t deny that he cared to push me.

I despised his tactics. I have no use for him now and have made peace with the dynamic of our relationship in my own ways. He has no idea where i am now, or what I’m up to. It’s cool that he had some sort of vision of my intelligence and capabilities. He just didn’t know how to support me or love me & still doesn’t know how. It’s all good. I’m sure he’s somewhere with a passport full of stamps. He named me Asia for a reason.

Listen to “saddad.”  (recorded summer 2017)


My freedom song –
All sing along.

Been composing for so long.

Connecting melodies.
Aligning rhymthms.
Blending harmonies.

My pain & glory,
Our pain & glory.

Been composing for so long.

Our freedom song –
All sing along.






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Hello, Thank you for calling Plug’R’Us.

If you are receiving this message you or someone you know may have subscribed to services provided by Plugs’R’Us. We have permanently deactivated all accounts, as we have found that services provided appeared to result in increased laziness, false hope, temporary relief, as well as social, emotional, and physical disorders amongst subscribers.

Additionally, the power needed to sustain our network force field will also lead to a depletion of our plug’s power source; therefore, we kindly suggest that all clients and their affiliates rely on their kinetic energy, molecular design, prerogative, & passion to be their own plug.

Please take care & may the force be within you. Goodbye.



dreamt he loved another woman too

maybe he could make me wetter

make my wet dream cum true

his feminism wouldn’t be just for me

he wouldn’t bring her down to bring me up

he’d rain for my wet dream

he’d rain for her

he’d rain for me

he’d reign for my wet dream

and reign for a universe with infinite thrones

and reign for a universe to embraces vessels

and reign for generations to sow seeds

and reign for generations to bear fruit

and reign for a fluid universe

and reign for her

and reign for me

and rain on her

and rain on me


trigger (un)happy

the tone in my voice
the rage in my speech
the emotions you heard
through the words i said as i sat in bed
impatient and triggered by words i read
didn’t stop to breathe
aimed at you from far away
didn’t hear you say please don’t shoot
please excuse my ptsd


tokyo drift

rhythmically moving 

so current i’m fluid 

can’t stand in my wave 

can’t stand in my way  

so intergalactic 

i’ll never decay 

those who don’t know me

gon wish i would stay 

i might dip to LA 

so throw me a parade